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Biography:  I am a Life Mastery Consultant and Holistic Health Practitioner. I have been a practitioner for the past 24 years, helping people with their physical pain and get more mobility in their joints and tissue. I also teach people how to use natural solutions especially with using essential oils and other supplements to enhance their health. The company that I have used the most for natural solutions in the past five years is doTERRA. I am really excited to enhance my ability to take people to their next level in life with the courses I am teaching through Life Mastery Institute. Plus integrate these techniques in my current practice.

If you are looking for a traditional massage, call Suzie Ziemann at 209-688-8649 for her availability. For more info on Suzie go on her website

Also for Acupuncture You can reach Cindy at 209-597-3886 her website is

Located at the office of Sperbeck Wellness Center 

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